21 July 2009

Salmon Patties: Not Just for Burgers

I made a visit to the wallet-emptier store this weekend (no, not Target...though anytime I enter that haven, I come out $50 lighter). This time I mean Costco. I walked in hungry -- never a smart move.

I walked out with many random (yet tasty) treats, including a 12-pack of salmon burgers. This is actually the only item I went in searching for. I've had them many a time on a bun, and boy howdy! They are delicious.

On Monday night, I was looking for another way to wolf one of these bad boys down, but I didn't want another burger. Instead, I used the salmon patty as the basis for a simple pesto pasta. The result was wonderful!

I'd made some basil pesto late last week, which needed to be used. So I cooked up some rotini and tossed with with the pesto. Simultaneously, I sauteed a salmon burger, then sliced it into 1/2-inch strips and layered it atop the pasta. Voila!

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