01 March 2010

Crab Apple

It snuck up on me slowly and quietly. A sigh here, a growl there, an occasional flippant comment.

I didn't even notice. But poor Nate, who lives with me and is witness to all facets of my personality (read: my moodiness) was noticing a trend. Ever since I started eating poultry again, I've been in a foul -- or is that fowl? -- mood.

Truth be told, I haven't really felt all that well, either, which I know is contributing to my surly disposition. The food itself tastes pretty good going down. Satisfying, even. I tried to convince myself that the indigestion and sour stomach and bloat (sorry if it's TMI) was just a side effect of too much coffee or stress or otherwise. It's been a busy period at work. But I think Nate's on to something. I think it's the chicken.

So this week we'll do a little experiment. If I go cold-turkey on the pollo, replacing it with another bird (or, perhaps, more plant-based proteins), will my mood improve?

Tonight, in honor of all things scientific, I'm spontaneously changing up the dinner menu. We're going back to The Way We Used to Eat. My dear friend Colette's lemon risotto is now on the docket, and I couldn't be happier. I'll report back soon to let you know if my post-meal-mood aligns.

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