01 April 2010

Urban Farming

Some of you know that the renovations at Chez Duchene are never really over. Since living in our home for 6+ years, we've remodeled 2/3 of it. This year, we've taken it outside. Finally, some plant life and landscaping.

I had a conversation with my hairstylist a few weeks ago. While I sat in her chair, she told me her theory on plants and animals in her care: "They must pay their rent," she said. Sure, cats and dogs pay in love and affection. But the other things on the premises must actually give back. Chickens for eggs. Plants and veggies for salads. Etc.

We could, I suppose, have made an attempt to buy the family farm in Iowa -- really live out the dream. But we like our city life.

So, we're getting on the urban farming bandwagon.

We're going to start a farm, ala what Novella Carpenter is doing in Oakland.

I'm talking sheep, goats, chickens. Maybe a cow or two.

Things that can give back. I'm really looking forward to it!

*image borrowed from this source