10 May 2010

Foods I can't live without

I have an unnatural obsession with tortilla chips. Like these little guys. I truly cannot go a week without restocking them to the pantry.

Same goes for Maranatha creamy peanut butter. My husband and I buy a jar a week. We have seriously looked into buying it in bulk from our local co-op and probably should embark on that journey soon (though we fear how quickly we'd go through an entire case).

There are also the seasonal obsessions, like the honey (aka Alphonso) mangoes in spring, Honey Crisp apples in fall, Florida grapefruits in winter.

In the interest of shaking up our repertoire, I encourage your feedback. What food(s) can't you live without?


  1. ummm... definitely popcorn!

  2. I go through phases and it's mostly with drinks. I went from cranberry juice to orange juice and currently it's unfiltered apple juice. I've also been known to overdose on a few foods. When I moved to NYC, I overdosed on goat cheese. I just couldn't get enough!

  3. @ Lo - Ha! Do you have a favorite kind of popcorn or just in general? I really like the white-cheese stuff...

    @ Andrea - funny! Do you have a juicer?