16 October 2012

Meals, in pictures

I know, I know. Once again I am starting an entry sheepishly, having been absent for so long. Our first full SoCal summer was fabulous - freetime meant head to the beach, not post a blog. And the truth is, my creative inspiration continues to come in pictures, not words. Tonight I finally took the time to upload a wealth of photos from my phone onto the computer, and it inspired me to at least share what I've been eating. Here's a walk through my gastro-summer:

Tender Greens - Tuna Nicoise salad + the spiciest ginger brew I've ever tasted. I could eat this meal at least once per week.

Portabella mushrooms, steeped with homemade pesto, baked, then sprinkled with cheese (gorgonzola for me, parmesan for Nate) and broiled. Not much to look at, but divine on the tastebuds.


Blooming rose salad from Soleil - Westwood. Simple, fresh, delightful - and absolutely huge. I was stuffed before my entree arrived.

2 shots, 3 ice cubes, a splash of milk. 

800 Degrees - Westwood: Before

800 Degrees - Westwood: After

Apple Pan - Westwood. Pecan pie and homemade whipped cream + a side of buttermilk. 

"Crazy water" - base for acqua pazza. A recipe we just tried this weekend, and which will become a staple.