27 July 2009

If You Can't Take the Heat...

Stay out of the kitchen! That's the old adage, which I plan to highly subscribe to this week as temps soar above the 90s in Seattle for 5+ days. We're not a city known for our heat, which means we are not prepared (A/C is more scarce here than sunshine in January). No cooking will be done in this retro-throwback cocina this week.

Fortunately, Nate's fabu sister, ElFab, is visiting this week. She's my partner in crime when it comes to dallying about town, scouring for great dining and deals. I've already got a list going of the places we'll go and see. Now, how to cram this many meals into the week?

Molly Moon's
Red Mango
Cafe Flora
Rancho Bravo
Duke's Chowder House
15th Ave. Coffee & Tea
Theo Chocolate
Update! Just learned that Brandon Pettit's Delancey pizzeria may open very, very, very soon! Definitely added to the list!

If we get wacky, we may even make some Tipsy Mud Pie...no cooking needed for that one.

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