27 May 2010

How the tide has turned

How funny to find myself on the flipside.

I've told you the beginnings of my story on going vegetarian. More about this will come in due time.

But today, I'm chuckling with a strange revelation. Legions of foodies, bloggers, and regular folk are trying vegetarian diets for fixed periods of time, like Meatless Monday. I guess, technically, I'm now one of them.

Some participate in Meatless Monday out of respect for the environment (going veg also equates to going green, in many cases). Or because it's cheaper. Or, simply, because they like a challenge.

Some, like Lorna from The Cookbook Chronicles, are taking the notion of a challenge seven steps further. Lorna is trying to stretch the meat-free diet to an entire week.

But, in an unexpected trick of irony, I am on the other pole.

I'm trying to put meat back in to meals. For me, this is the challenge.

Left to my own devices, I'd cook meat-free on Monday (and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). It's habitual and comforting.

So to all of you out there who are trying to go meat-free for a day or a week or a year or a lifetime, I encourage you: It should get better. You'll find your groove. You won't starve! And, maybe going meat-free, permanently, isn't for you. That's ok, too.

(I'll put a plug in for my favorite vegetarian cookbook. It's full of simple and flavorful dishes that can be made quickly and on a budget. I consulted this book daily while cooking meals on a college-kid's income.)

Good luck!


  1. I have been reading a lot of those posts by the bloggers going meatless for a week.....being a chef and a carnivore, I have been trying to learn as many healthy veggie items as I can to fit into my school lunches, so many of my girls are vegetarians...
    Good luck with adding meat back into your diet!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Dennis! There are lots of delicious, tasty, satisfying veggie recipes out there. Good luck to you, too!