12 August 2010

Quick bites: The latest tastes

Thanks to a rush of social engagements and some extra free time, I've eaten a veritable smorgasbord of new tastes over the past few weeks in Seattle. Some of my favorites:

  • Slices of sweet, luscious Pence Orchards peaches at Metropolitan Market (and, now, found in my fruit bowl). Bonus: As part of his Peach-o-Rama festival at Met Market, Jon Rowley charts the peaches' sucrose levels with his beloved refractometer so we know how much (or how little) sugar to add to our pies.
  • A soft, salty big pretzel with a kicky Welsh Rarebit cheese sauce at Quinn's. Strangely, we ordered this alongside the dessert course and it paired wonderfully with the sweets.
  • Beauteous beignets at Where Ya At Matt. These fluffy pillows are heavily dusted in powdered sugar that melts, sensuously, as it hits the tongue. Eat them while they're still warm.

And finally, to wash it down, I've found 2 new favorite warm-weather wine vintages:

  • Tart, tangy, and slightly effervescent Albarino -- a Spanish white from the northwestern region of the country
  • The crisp, refreshing zing of chilled rose -- especially Vinho Verde rose.

(I'd hoped to hit up the Melrose Market and sample some treats at Sitka & Spruce last night. We took our chances and went sans reservations; alas, the walk-in tables were all full. We'll try again in a couple weeks and I hope to tell you it was delicious!)


  1. I STILL dream about those beignets and jump at the chance to get my paws on 'em!

  2. @ Hema Yummmmm. I want more, now!