02 February 2011

Sunny days...

I haven't seen this in quite a while:
It so inspired me that I took a walk, sipped a coffee, sauntered slowly home, then took 10 minutes in the Garden of Neglect to take care of unfinished business. Finally, on this 2nd day of February, my fall, close-up-shop work on last summer's garden is done.

Who wants to be outside in the rain and sleet, tugging out barren roots and breaking down tomato cages anyway?

This weather isn't atypical in Seattle. For at least a few days every February, the sun shines brightly, the clouds part, the blue sky spans, and we smile. Things come to life again.

I'm even planning a list of what to do (and what not to do) during this year's growing season. To start: some intoxicatingly sweet shrubbery outside the bedroom windows. My dream is to throw open the windows wide and let the aromas waft in. I've also got to do something about those raised beds (good idea, but not nearly deep enough). Maybe some hanging baskets?

And thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, it looks like spring is officially coming early. Here's to a new start!


  1. Hey Amy! I'm wondering if you have any tips on what vegetables grows best in pots? According to the back of my seed packets, I can plant most things now through the end of November here in So Cal, so I want to take advantage! The rabbits always end up eating everything, so I'm just doing pots this year. I've got broccoli, arugula and chives so far, but I'd appreciate your advice!

  2. @Heidi - Definitely put your herbs in pots. They work well! A lot of people swear that tomatoes work well in pots, too, but it's never worked for me - they get blight. Also I once saw Ciscoe (do you know him - from King 5?) grow potatoes in a bin!