13 January 2013

Cleanses and clean eating

It's January. A time of renewal and cleaning out the old. At least in Los Angeles, this often includes the digestive system. I am squeamish to even give that too much thought (I'm not one for bathroom humor), but it is a fact that in nearly every conversation I've had with friends in LA recently, the word "cleanse" or "juicing" or "clean eating" has come up.

I'm still working out exactly what that means for myself. In addition to bathroom humor, I also don't like dieting - the word nor the act. I'm of the mentality that I can eat mostly what I want (within reason) so long as I workout to counteract it. And workout I do, hard, at least 4 times per week. (Last year I was averaging 5 days a week, but my body just couldn't handle it. Too many nagging injuries and lingering sicknesses... my sweet spot is 4.)

So my immediate reaction to cleansing - a practice very commonly consisting of a liquid/juice-only diet, for a few days or even a couple weeks - is to bristle.

However, the notion of drinking my veggies, as a complement to solid foods, is appealing. It's where I am right now, trying to add a few juices to my routine once or twice a week.

I'm also integrating more super foods and "clean eating" items to the diet. Today's lunch was a bed of lettuce topped with warm red quinoa, steamed (but cold) broccoli, a handful of cashews, and a drizzle of Annie's Goddess dressing. For a snack, I'm currently waiting on a pot of fresh banana chia pudding to come out of the fridge (almond milk, smashed banana, and chia seed); I may top it with some walnuts.

In 2013, I will try to avoid as much wheat as possible - not for trendiness or resolutions' sakes, but for health. I was diagnosed a few years ago as wheat-intolerant, so I'm going to try it. In its place, I am subbing in almond meal wherever possible. It's alot like flour and has more protein - something my body will surely enjoy.

How do you "cleanse" or eat "clean"?

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