24 September 2009

The Return of the Speakeasy

I wrote a few weeks ago about the opening of Tavern Law, a new speakeasy-type bar nestled into an inconspicuous shopfront.

Today's Seattle Times has a great article on the joint, as well as a listing of some other "undercover" bars around town. The irony isn't lost on me - giving press to these faux speakeasies, when real Prohibition-era speakeasies could never have survived a day had they been outed. But, it's good to have a handy guide of where to go for a classic, throwback drink.

I also learned about a bar-goers holiday that I'd never known about - December 5th, the day Prohibition ended in 1933. Perhaps I'll partake this year in tribute. That is the weekend of my birthday, after all - sounds like a fun way to celebrate! I see a theme-party coming on...

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