14 June 2010

How does my garden grow?

We've had an unseasonably cool and damp "spring" so far in Seattle. According to one stat, we haven't seen the temperature ascend to 75 since last fall. Like I've done many mornings in the past few weeks, I woke up and turned on the heat again this morning.


So, despite that the calendar says "June," I'm convinced that it's more like April. I can't tell what my garden thinks.

We're swimming in radishes. (Lesson learned: next year, I don't need to plant all of the seeds from the packet at once!)

There are blooms on the tomato and squash and pea plants.

Carrots are sprouting.

We've lost all of the pepper plants (jalapeno and sweet), which is a shame... maybe they needed a sweater.

The basil, too, is withered -- perhaps from over-watering (it sits under no protection from the rain).

Of course, the mint is spreading rampantly. Glad I stuck it in a container.

Fellow NW gardeners: How are your plots and plants doing? Any tips for me on what went awry with the peppers or basil?

Also, what can I do with all of these radishes? One friend mentioned pickling them... Also, I may buy some baguettes and slather them with butter and sea salt as a restful bed for thin slices, ala Molly Wizenberg's recipe. Any other recipes you'd care to share?


  1. I was just thumbing through Molly's book - do you know her?!

    And, I know it's irrelevant to the actual post, but can I just say that the boots are awesome?!

  2. @ Heidi - ha! You can comment on the boots... why do you think I stuck a picture in? I love them. (Thanks, mom!!)

    And yes, I know Molly from way back! Her book is full of great recipes and stories!

  3. The cold weather is what went awry with your heat lovers! They do like a plastic sweater. You could try planting again and see how they do now that the weather will be warmer! Now would be a good time for more basil (from seed). Good luck! Your radishes are beautiful.

  4. @ Lara - Aha! I suspected that cold was the culprit. Thanks for confirming and for the tips on what to do next! How's your garden coming along?

  5. Can we talk about your adorable rain boots? Because I want to know where you got them. :)

  6. @ Everywhereist - Aww, thanks! My sweet mom gave them to me on my bday. They are made by Sperry Top-Sider. Very practical in these parts!

  7. I found the boots at Nordstrom.

  8. And they are my favorite. Thanks, Mom!