29 June 2010

Mind-benders: What's in that "burger"?

Show and tell time!

I just have to share this super-clever birthday party idea that my friend Allison did for her son's first birthday.

Check out these "burgers" - they're vegan, gluten free. And, sweet! That's right, they're dessert burgers (plus fries). How freaking cute, right?

Allison wanted me to be sure to credit Bakerella for the idea (here's Bakerella's post).

But I think Allison takes the cake (har, har) for her further dietary modifications. The "buns" are vanilla cupcake; the "burger" is a brownie; and the "veggies" are frosting made from Earth Balance products. Also, those "fries" are vegan sugar cookies.

I'm smitten!

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