23 July 2010

Summer so far

As we headed into the new fiscal year at my dayjob, I learned my hours were to be reduced to 32/week. I think everyone feared this news would be upsetting -- but I can't stop smiling.

I'd been secretly hoping to go 80% at some point. Imagine what I could do with one extra day a week...read a book, watch The Price is Right, bake pies, freeze popsicles, brine pickles, swim in the lake...

All of these scream summer to me. The kind of summers I used to cherish -- no work, no school, just long stretches of sun and fun and none to do.

So far, I've done a pretty good job (though the first few weeks were filled with several errands and daytime appointments as I eased in). I hope to find more of this in my future:

Yogurt popsicles from Orangette; I fell instantly in love with these last summer during a Delancey pre-opening party and dear Molly has finally posted the recipe

And this:

Mom's favorite Lemon Supreme cake, dolled up something fierce for a fancy bday with sugared violets from my backyard

Perhaps more road trips on I-90 E, with a swing through Cle Elum/Roslyn (Pioneer Coffee Co. + Dairy Queen are requisite pit stops):


Also hoping to spend many an afternoon lazing in the backyard under a canopy, a light breeze lapping my hair as I drift in and out of sleep between chapters in a good book. I've just finished Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet-- lovely!

Up next, I'm thinking of:
My Life in France
The Great Gatsby
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

What do you recommend?

Also, still need to find a hammock...


  1. LOVED My Life in France - dreamy.
    The Great Gatsby - read too many times to count in HS college... you can read my papers if you want - lol
    Lots of people like Dragon Tattoo books

  2. Almost French is a great book (Australian reporter who moves to France for love)

  3. Thanks for the tips, El!!!

  4. Hi Amy D! Just added you and Orangette to my blogroll. Oh, I so want to read My Life in France! I read Dragon Tattoo recently and could not get into it at all. Wayyyyy too much exposition, esp for a mystery. I'm not usually immune to pop culture trends--it makes me sad not to be one with The People. Love the blog! Gonna make the yogurt pops! xo Anne H.

  5. Yay, Anne! Thank you so much. (I feel ridiculously honored to even be in the same sentence as Orangette!)

    And you know - I had the thought just tonight, when skimming through "Dragon Tattoo" to get get a sense of its girth-to-font-size ration - "what if I dislike this book? Everyone loves it!" I am so happy to hear someone doesn't; if for no other reason than my hopes are now not totally set!