14 August 2009

15th Ave Coffee and Tea - Starbucks, transformed

Sitting here at the newly revamped "15th Ave Coffee & Tea" in Cap Hill. This is the former site of a traditional Starbucks (a store at which my guy worked for a number of months, in fact).

The place has been transformed into an independent coffee house style joint. No Sbux logos anywhere, for example. Varietal, artisan offerings (coffee & pastry). And there's even wine/beer - something I plan to sample later this afternoon once the workday winds down.

Haters had a lot to say before this place opened, but it is fabulous (and packed). My handcrafted cappuccino (made with Yirgacheffe instead of Espresso) is delightful, not to mention beautiful -- as was the almond-paste extra hefty piece of toast (devoured).

And there's free wi-fi (Finally "Starbucks" has learned that this was a way to keep people in-store. I've already had 2 beverages...).

This may well become my new Friday workspot!


  1. If it DOES end up becoming a Friday workspot, let me know! I will meet you there! :-)

  2. Yirgacheffe is truly the coffee of the gods (when you can get it) :-)

  3. If you haven't, you've got to try Ethiopia Harrar. Only 50% of the domestic product makes it out of origin - which should say everything you need to know. A good harrar is like no other coffee in the world.