27 August 2009

Roosevelt Ale House is in the house!

So excited! The newly renovated space at 88th and Roosevelt is finally open! It used to be The Jones, which was tasty if pricey. For the past several weeks, mass construction has been happening -- lots of seats and tables and etc sitting on the front patio instead of patrons sipping drinks. The curiosity has been killing me!

Finally, a week or so ago, the haunt's new sign went up, confirming the rumor that this spot will now be known as the Roosevelt Ale House. (I think the Ale House has the same owners as The Jones, just a new name/face lift. This could be a very wise move, helping people continue to patronize local joints but not with such a steep bill at the end of the night.)

I'm so excited to have another pub-style place in the 'hood that hopefully will have faster service than, ahem, its competitor. We'll be trying it tomorrow with some fellow Maple Leafers so I'll keep you posted. Hooray!

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