03 June 2009

current obsession: lentil burritos

last week i stewed and steeped a batch of lentils with a slightly tangy tomato base and some seasonings for kick. my eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach when i was scooping those legumes into the pot, because, boy howdy!, i ended up with enough to feed an army.

fortunately, Saint Inspiration waved her wand while i was sorting out just what to do with all these little brown tidbits. lentil burritos!

they're wickedly simple and a nice change of pace from the staid black bean numbers i often make.

load up a tortilla (i prefer the smallish, fresh ones found in PCC's refrigerator case) with a heaping scoop of lentils (cold is fine), a sprinkle of cheese (i'm currently digging the Soy-sation mexi option), and a dollop or two of toppings (i prefer Newman's pineapple salsa + a dash of hot sauce). nuke it for 45 seconds -- making sure to cover your bundle (trust me. i didn't once, and it exploded all over the microwave).

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