03 June 2009

My contest-winning ice cream flavor

Last summer, I spontaneously entered a contest sponsored by Molly Moon's ice creamery and the Seattle PI (RIP). The contest was to create with a fictional ice cream flavor that most exemplified the northwest. And, I won!

The winning idea was a flavor I dubbed "Treecycle," a concoction of fir-infused ice cream, hazelnuts, and marionberries.

I quickly devoured that $25 gift cert from Molly Moon's. I simply cannot get over their extraordinarily salty Salted Caramel ice cream made into a "s'more" sundae with homemade marshmallows and hot fudge. The balsamic strawberry is pretty top-notch, too.

I only wish they'd actually made my recipe. Never say never, I hope?

Here's the full article in case you're interested.

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