10 June 2009

New Trophy Cupcakes locale - U.Village

It is with great excitement that I report the following: Trophy Cupcakes will finally open their new U-Village location tomorrow!

Festivities run throughout the day, with promises of a shop stacked full to the brim with the little cups of heaven. I didn't see anything about freebies, but I can't imagine they won't offer samples.

My husband is constantly baffled by how I, a non-cake-liker, can be so smitten with cupcakes. It all has to do with the ratio, my friends -- more frosting to cake = happiness for this gal. Plus, they're more moist. And there's that cuteness factor.

Trophy specializes in rich, creamy frosting and moist cakes of seasonal, spectacular flavors. (During Cinco de Mayo week, Trophy made a margarita flavor. It sounds odd, but trust me. The tart lime meets creamy, sweet frosting -- dusted with the slightest hint of salt for authenticity -- was divine. They also offered a wonderfully spicy Mexican hot cocoa flavor that week, which I guzzled in 2 bites flat.)
Some say the frosting is too sweet, but I'm willing to take my chances knowing the cake itself is so moist.

I plan to swing by U-V on my way home from work tomorrow to try this pineapple-upside-down flavor made especially for the opening.
(photo from Trophy's website)

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